If you are building or remodeling an office for your business, you will want to research and think about your lighting options. There are many perks and rewards for businesses that invest in energy efficient lighting solutions. This article explains the various advantages of commercial LED lighting.

Why LED Lighting?

First, you need to realize that not all LED lighting is the same. Some LED products are less efficient and they are not produced in sustainable factories. Whenever you buy LED lighting, especially on a commercial scale, you should look for Energy Star rated bulbs and fixtures. Energy Star rated LED lights not only cost less money to use, they also do not heat up your property as quickly. In large warehouses and office environments, huge lighting systems can increase the temperature in the room by a significant amount. Of course, knock on effect of this is that you will then need to use your air conditioner to cool down the building. In summary, you will have a more expensive electricity bill because it takes more power to run your lights and even more power to run your air conditioner.

With Energy Star LED lights, you can reduce your building's cooling costs and save energy throughout the building. Qualified LED lights use 75% less energy than incandescent lights. This efficiency is far beyond the industry standards. Another perk that many people do not realize is that LED lights require less maintenance. You do not need to get up on a ladder to replace them every couple weeks. You also don't need to worry about how to dispose of them, like you do with incandescent light bulbs. Also, since they are more powerful than incandescent lights, you don't need to install as many.

Some people have had bad experiences with LED lights. This is probably because they got LEDs that were not Energy Star qualified. Cheap, no-name LED lights often fade quickly. After just a few months, the brightness can be reduced and they can start the flicker. Also, the color quality can deteriorate and change after just a few months. You will not have any of these problems with Energy Star qualified LED lighting systems. Your light will turn on instantly, without any flicker, and the color quality will not change over time.

Many smart business owners invested in LED lighting and receive corporate tax credits that help increase the profit margin of their company.