When you move and bring your range with you to the new house, it is important to realize that you may have to make adjustments to the legs of the range to make it level. The floors in your new home may seem level to the naked eye, but the second you put your range in the kitchen, you will know right away if any adjustments need to be made, because the range will rock back and forth from one leg to another. You need to adjust the height of the legs to ensure that you are able to cook safely. The following guide will walk you through how to properly adjust the height of your range.

Determine How Lopsided the Range Truly Is

Place a level in the center of the top of your stove. The level will have a center oval that will have liquid in it. There is a small air bubble inside of the oval. If the range is leaning toward the left, the air bubble will be on the right side of the marks in the center of the oval. If the range is leaning toward the right, the air bubble will be on the left side of the mark. Determine which side the bubble is on to determine which legs of the range need to be adjusted in height.

Adjust the Legs that Need to be Lowered

Your range needs to be as close to the floor as possible without actually sitting on the floor. This will keep food from getting under the range accidentally. Lay down on the floor with a flashlight and look at the legs.  You should see a small bolt attached to the tops of the legs of the range that can be turned to adjust the height of the legs. Use an adjustable wrench to turn the bolt toward the right. This will lower the legs so that the range can become balanced.

Recheck the Range to See if It Is Level

Once you have made adjustments to both legs on the side of the range that needs to be lowered, check the level again. You need to look at the level to see if the air bubble has moved to the center of the oval. If it has, the range is level. If it has not, you need to keep adjusting the legs until the air bubble is located in the center of the oval.

Adjusting the height of your range will not be overly difficult to do. If you feel that this is a task that is too tedious for you to do on your own, you can hire a repair specialist like Surrey appliance repair to come and do it for you. It will take just a few minutes for the job to be completed.