Try some basic feng shui strategies to bring a new sense of balance and harmony to your home's kitchen. This will also help to promote the flow of positive energy, called ch'i, throughout the space, which can impact mood, productivity, and prosperity, according to experts. 

Consider the following strategies to maintain balance and foster the flow of ch'i in your kitchen:


When you want to help the flow of positive energy through your kitchen, it is important that the door to the room isn't in a direct line with any door that leads to the outside. This propels too much positive energy too forcefully through the space. Since it is not practical to move the doors in the home, you can put up some kind of barrier, such as furniture, to slow down the rush of energy.


One of the prime elements in a kitchen is the stove, and in feng shui design theory, the position of this appliance is very important in maintaining peace and balance. The stove should face the door or entry to the kitchen so that anyone using it can see when someone enters the room. The stove should not be in direct alignment with the sink, or there could be some competing, conflicting energy in the room.


Energy can't flow freely through a space if it is crowded or disorganized. Be sure that there is a clear pathway in through the kitchen, that then leads out of the space. Rounded corners on your counters, cabinets, table, and furnishings also help to nudge along the ch'i smoothly and effectively.


Incorporate several of the feng shui elements together for a color scheme that promotes balance and harmony in the kitchen. For instance, add the element of wood through lush, green houseplants or windowsill herbs.


Allow for optimal natural sunlight in your kitchen, and keep window treatments airy and light. Since ch'i can flow out of the windows too quickly, slow down the energy with some plants or knick-knacks on the sills.   

Try some of the principles of feng shui to alter the energy in your kitchen, and foster a positive, vibrant vibe throughout your home. Strive for balance in the elements, colors, and fixtures that you use in the space and look for ways to promote the flow of positive ch'i in and out of your kitchen. Talk with kitchen contractors (such as those who offer kitchen cabinets in Milton ) and consultants for practical approaches that will help to optimize utility and enhance the appearance of this very important space in the home.